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Our privacy & legal terms

We do not spam or share your information with third parties. READ OUR PRIVACY POLICY
Regarding your connect groups & profile

You can delete your profile account any time. When you delete your profile account, it will delete things you have posted, such as your, blogs, groups, profile, photos and status updates.

Legal Terms

Any misuse of our social group search engines will be reported. Your profile information may be stored and preserve upon request for a legal search warrant, court order or subpoena since we believe that the law may require us to do so.

Our private policy

We do not spam. We try to protect your privacy and when you leave our main site please check their private policy including our social group at www.swaphandmedowns.com/connect/. Contact us anytime regarding our policy. Swaphandmedowns.com

Merchant Policy

Using our unique program

Return policy: Although are program is free to use Our one to family membership Elite non-refundable due to the amount of work involved to review your membership/please contact swap hand me downs.com if a problem does evolve.

Membership prices subject to change.)
The discussion to swap used clothing is entirely up to you and your E-mail contact. There is no guarantee due to the fact that the clothing is used. It is accept as is. When you place your order you will receive a e-mail from us that will explain what to do next. Including providing you with a private access code to use our swaphandmedowns community e-board.

Swaphandmedowns.com is not liable to the users of this service for the content, quality, performance or any other aspect of any information provided by and transmitted by this service or for any errors in the transmission of such information. Users acknowledge that they assume all risk and/or responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the uses to which the information provided by this service is put.

By joining our elite Membership you agree you are of 18 years of age or older and have read our Merchant Policy. You agree www.swaphandmedowns.com is not responsible of anything.

You agree to ship exchange clothing in a timely manner to other members as agreed upon. You agree to ship gently used fashions to other members. You agree to protect the privacy of other members in our private community board.
You agree not to resell the fashions donated to you by members of Swaphandmedowns.com since it is good faith that is helping families to save money so the the traded or swapped fashions are to remain free at all cost.

Members of Swaphandmedowns assumes all responsibility for listing or accepting items. Please contact the trader to resolve any questions about shipment before trading.

This program has help many kids get free used clothing. Why? Because the parents are networking at the elite group and by our elite members swap emails.

Sometimes the other members have the sizes only when the kids out grown them. I have one mom asking for little boy socks. She appreciates the program.

Things take time and the elite program offer no refunds and is a lifelong membership.

Also visit the swap forum because I spent countless hours online researching important issues for parents about children's health, online deals and parent education help.

You can update what you need at the group in hopes
that the other moms will have your sizes



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