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    Swap Hand Me Downs

    Welcome to Swaphandmedowns where everyday is Earth Day. Connecting friends! Create a profile

    Parent Resources,
    SWAP HAND ME DOWNS Recycle Gently Used Fashion for Families

    My goal is to change and improve the lives of parents, women, men and children. The mission of Swap hand me is to inspire and empower learning communities to envision and implement technologies for the purpose of improving their lives.

    Join our Facebook Group Pet Journey Video - Humane treatment of animals - Family Friendly Watch Show for Fur Baby Lovers. Get spay/neuter help for your family pets. Join our Pet Journey Video Facebook Group Click Here

    Donate: If you want to support my projects, make a monthly donation. Thank You! I am networking globally with projects and woman organizations such as Recovery For Women and years of promoting online college degrees online.. I can better prepare and help women and their families to gain a healthier lifestyle, affordable health insurance, and equal paychecks as men and providing ways and means to improve their career degree choices online since 1999! Laws are changing for the better for women. Don't forget to visit my Facebook (Meta) profile where I talk a lot about issues we need to be changed.

    Welcome Visitor,

    KIDS OUT-GROW CLOTHING SO FAST. DO YOU HAVE USED CHILD CLOTHING THAT is STILL WEARABLE. WOULD YOU LIKE TO SWAP THEM AROUND WITH OTHER FAMILIES - Then why not recycle them here. Why not recycle it right back (the least expensive way possible) among each other. PLEASE DON'T throw those clothes out! Make a child happier and swap them around with other families with kids in your neighborhood. Have a child clothing barter at your churches. Save on the cost of child clothing to help pay your household bills on time.

    Clothes make children feel happy and proper apparel keep children warm. We just felt this was a good program to help families reach out and help each other. Some families are on tight budgets, some families need a change, some families have extra items they don't need, some families need more closet space and some families just don't have enough to go around. JUST A ONETIME CONNECTION AND YOU COULD FIND YOURSELVES SWAPPING FASHION TOGETHER FOR YEARS & YEARS. Post your gently used clothing sizes at our messageboard. The one receiving your donations should pay to you the shipping fee. Either way please discuss this with each other first before shipping out your gently used child clothing. Please pack up the box the way you would like to receive it. The United States Postal service now has a lower cost to ship items per box.

    Best Regards,

    Take the time to use this site. We have been online for years and we are considered the pioneer of swapping and bartering online.

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