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The changes during the '80s and '90s brought about the Violence Against Women Act VAWA.  If we do not erase women's abuse today, then we will seek a life further without mothers.  Without mothers, there is no future for mankind.

The Women Versa The Cave Man and Mother's Love

At a very early age, I often wondered about 'The Beginning Of Time.' I could just imagine Mother with babies in arms and her young children following her to gather food in dangerous worlds. More often than not - I see it was the good care provided by those early Mother that has allowed us to survive today.

Those days of the "Cave Man & The Club" are long gone. Even today most of the responsibility relies on the child-bearer to raise her children. They have to organize paying the bills on time, how much they can afford to feed their children, teach their children, bring love to their children, teach laws of respect, clothes their children and so on and so on. No matter what religion your mother taught you if you are daughter or son, or what country your mother raised you or what color your skin is - Our continued chance of survival relies on Mother's Love and all the Father's that are leading the way in this new century to provide Mother's Love too.

This is the concept of how and why I designed www.swaphandmedowns.com. I designed this copyrighted site so people from all walks of life join together and unite in a peaceful matter. By helping each other and our children we are making a statement of Global Peace. I have designed www.swaphandmedowns.com to be fully functional in any given country. Thank You, President, Jane

Helping Families at Swaphandmedowns with your Gently Used Child Apparel or Adult Fashions as a Team Effort

Becoming a sponsor allows you to network with families in our Elite Private Community. By joining our team you will be given a private password to enter our message board.

Let's make every-day a holiday time of giving

I like to introduce myself and take the time now to say Hello to you. Hi!

My name is Jane Sadowy. 
I created www.swaphandmedowns.com 

This website, the first of its kind, is an on-line child apparel program, where parents from the United States and even across the globe swap, or trade-in their used children's clothes for new sizes at our copyrighted web site and e-board database site. Our easy online clothing drops off is all done online. You ship from your home to their home. Persons interested in receiving the clothing agree to pay the shipping to accept them. You can even donate your clothing at the site for kids or parents that need decent clothes for school or work. 

You and your neighbors can help us make a difference.
Ask friends or neighbors with younger children if they would be interested in helping a family in need of child apparel if they would like to drop them off here online.

Run a clothing drive at churches or your neighborhood. 
What are your rewards for helping us: These Families are Sharing the News of Happiness for their children.

Right now our members at Swaphandmedowns are helping a family that adopted 3 fosters sisters with clothing, another foster family of 6 sisters, mom's needing preemie clothing, widow mothers needing help with newborn apparel, a mom having unexpected triplets and mom's with twins. We have other members who also are single mothers so we are always looking for donations of child clothing at our site. 

If anyone has clothing that they like to donate to help these families please contact me so I can continue to help them. We need boys or girl's clothing of all sizes. We receive requests for adult size clothing as well. 

Let's make every day a holiday time of giving!

Thank you,
Jane Sadowy

Please feel free to visit Give-A-Way Your Clothing directly to a family from your home. It is easy. Please Contact Jane

Yes I would like to donate my fashion to a Swaphandmedowns Family 


C. I got the box today. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Everything is SO cute. I can't wait to see the baby in the blue one-piece with the flowers. It is so sweet. The twins helped me open the box and immediately started trying on clothes. It was really cute...Maddy put on a pair of stretch pants for the baby over her jeans. She then put on one of the hats and the little pink shirt with Pooh on the front, grabbed my Mom's house slippers and started walking around. I thought I was going to die laughing!

I can't thank you enough! Also, I wanted to let you know that the dress and skirts that you sent me couldn't have been more perfect. They are just what I would have picked out for myself.

You are truly an angel.
Biggest Smiles,

This is the most wonderful thing I have seen yet on my PC! I am a grandmother and don't have kids at home but do have grandkids. It may be possible to round up clothes from my son and daughter to help out some other families who have children. This service is great. I would love to join you and help others with clothes.

Hi Jane,

I wanted to write a quick note to tell you how overwhelmed I am at the outpouring of love and concern that I have received from the members of your website! I have never experienced such a wonderful and caring group of people. I cannot tell you what a difference has been made in my life in just a few short days. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are truly a special person, and your hard work and dedication are an inspiration!

I would like to give back to this community in some way and I was thinking, I don't know if you would be interested or not, but if you have room on the website, I could write a column and answer questions about fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain diseases. I have had fibromyalgia for 5 years and have quite a bit of experience in how to help with symptoms and have resources that I could direct people to. There are some 3.7 million Americans who are affected by this disease with women being 10 times more likely to be affected. It is also difficult to diagnose sometimes-taking years before a sufferer can find a Dr. who knows what it is and how to treat it. 

Let me know if you would be interested and we could bat some ideas around, or if you don't think it is a good fit for your site, I will understand.

Again, thank you SO much for all you have done for me and my family in the few short days since I discovered your website!

Mommy of 4

Below are Message Clips were written in our community center: (Successful Swaps/Tell Us About It)

How awesome is this!! Jane, I have never had so much fun helping others!! :o)

Member Thanking Another Member
I just wanted to thank Betty and let everyone know how kind she is. I received two boxes of clothes for my two-year-old son and I have to say they where all great and in excellent condition. I just want Betty to know how grateful my family is for the love and kindness she showed us.

This Program is Great!
Hello, I used this program and I am saving a lot of money. I receive a whole box of boy's clothing from another swaphandmedowns member and shipping was really cheap. I am glad I found this site- Peggy
Re: This Program is Great! 
I posted yesterday about what I have/need on your board and was already contacted by someone wanting to trade.
Smelly Thrift Stores in Utah. 
Don't I know it. We have a thrift store here and it NEVER has anything. I go in there hoping and come out empty-handed. Gets really tough trying to do it all alone.

Mommy of 3:Reply 
Where did the thrift in the thrift store go? I agree. I have been to the thrift stores a lot here lately. I have left empty-handed tho. No luck finding the sizes I need or else they are too much or else they are just filthy - The stores always seem to have a stench that is sickening. I have donated a few items to them (Before I found your site) and have gone back in and not seen my items in there. either they sell right away or the people are keeping them. Good Luck I hope you collect and help many families there are many out there looking and seeking but not finding. Kelly (Missouri) 

SharonKidz: Re: This Program is Great! This is really cool, I'll be sure to tell my friends about it - Sharon SchlossenbergDirector - My Woman2Woman 
Kim: Re: This Program is Great! 
Hello everyone! I just want to say that this site is wonderful! I have already received a box of clothing for my 13-year-old daughter. Things like Gap, The Limited, things that a girl her age likes to wear. I am so glad I accidentally wandered across this site. God had to show me this site I didn't stumble in here alone. I am loving this place. Thanks so much.Kim 

Let's make every-day a holiday time of giving! Let's all walk around the world together! Reach out today and help each other! 

Please donate your used child clothing at our community board located on the sidebar or find out how easy it is to donate them.



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