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Welcome to Swaphandmedowns.com - First of its kind - A Social Community Helping Parents With Topics & Swap Around Gently Used Child Clothing

The most unique membership on the web. We are a team of players on the same level helping each other.

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Join our Facebook Group Pet Journey Video - Humane treatment of animals - Family Friendly Watch Show for Fur Baby Lovers. Get spay/neuter help for your family pets. Join our Pet Journey Video Facebook Group Click Here Register Today. Fashions at the office boring you and you want to swap in your apparel for a new look. Why not swapped them around with other parents or do you have school age children - Do You have toddlers - Do you have teenagers - Do you have a pile of child apparel falling out of your kids closets or Cleaning' Kid's Rooms and Finding Old Clothes - what do you do with the used child clothing that don't fit. Join our fashion frugal living lifestyle: Why not trade clothes for some that will fit or give them away here. Are you on a tight budget - Do you believe recycling used child apparel, fashions, entertainment or recreation toys are good for our world - Would you be interested in trading in your gently used child clothing for the next size up. You ship them from your house to their house or visa. We help you connect. Hope you all have fun with this program, meet some new friends, save funds, recycle your used children's clothes, enjoy our online resources, discussion talks and fashion swaps.

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Sharing gently used child clothing & learning about other cultures brings about creative minds. Make a new friend today! Helping the world to be a better place for mankind.  Recycle, barter or sell your gently used items at our social media group or email us directly to donated used child clothing. The family receiving the box of swapped children's fashion or parents clothing pays the C.O.D. to accept them. Swap and Save on Fashion Today. Save every day with our household frugal saving tips, and more

Used Child Clothing

For people who love or have a passion to connect & share.

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Become a Swap Handmedowns member Become a Swap Handmedowns elite group member or create your own group. Our social community programs are free to use. Please help us by donating gently used child clothing online. Post a sponsorship message Post here

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Post and share, donate or request used child clothing at our family friendly message board below to get started today. IMAGINE OF SURPRISES, SHARING, RECYCLING, AND MAKING FRIENDS. Begin and come join our program today. Start your own group, connect with friends and more. Sign up and/or sign into your social media group account here: Click Here Sign up and/or sign into our public social meeting center. Talk to friends, make a blog, share photo's and stories. Sign Guest Book TodaySign Up/Sign In Social Group Click Here

How To Pack The Box

Please ship clean clothing. Read More Hand me downs is the best way to recycle gently used clothing and share and help other families. See our hand me downs swap message board and post your want and needs today.

Our Policy

By using our swap and barter services you are doing so at your own risk. We are providing a forum for your convenience only. It is suggested to request prepaid shipping fees before shipping out boxes of gently used items to other parents before shipping out the boxes. Please make sure clothing is nice and clean and shipped out in the matter you would like to receive it. Private Policy; Swaphandmedowns.com respects your privacy. We do not spam. Once you leave our site it is advised to read the privacy policy at that site. Our forum used for bartering or donating clothing is a third party. Please read their privacy policy.


Network with other mothers and dads at our social group online and share parental topics and recycle gently used child clothing. Once is not enough - recycle your fashion with love. Swap Swap Swap Give Them Away and Drop Them Off Here or Trade Them In For The Next Size UP. Join our community to Swap Fashions from Brand Names to 'Like New Condition' Apparel. How to pack a box of donated clothes

Please Work it out between each of you! It can be quicker than you think to help a child with nice clothes

Become an elite member. Our programs are free to use. Please donate to our site today. Your donation is important for us to grow! This site is funded by Jane & those that kindly donated.


Read Real Stories! Real events in people's lives. A Meeting Center for Parents and Folks Who Enjoy Making Friends. Join The Fun at our social groups "Teaching our children to share used clothing with other children helps them to know the importance of recycling gently used fashions. Children need to remember that recycling clothing helps keep our earth clean and helps other children feel warmer and happier.

Swap hand-me-downs (www .swap handmedowns.com), is an online operation that facilitates the trading of children's clothing, toys, and books. And PDF files for early childhood education help for parents, teaching tips for children with special needs and students and teachers. And new parent tip articles, articles for the world to read about world peace and stories written by Jane site founder back in 1999. Read about your Mother's Garden Click Here. Read more Dear Mother

We are a family friendly site.

Find articles, stories and ways and means to save money at our site.


Our Services

***By using our services you are doing so at your own risk. Please pre pay your S&H fees to other members that are donating their used child clothing to you. You ship them from your house to their house or visa versa. Swap Hand Me Downs offers a private community to help you connect. Join our Gently Used Fashion online swap exchange today. Get free gently used fashions delivered to your front door Swap Swap Swap and make new friends - Year after Year

Used child clothing

Kids outgrow clothes so fast. Why not ship those clothes to another family?

If you post

Don't forget to post all the sizes you need. When you get a reply Please discuss with them about S & H fees first.

If you donate clothes

Please mention what sizes you have and what gender they may be.

Don't be afraid to ask for gently used clothing. Others are always willing to help you.

Not only does sharing save you money but might help you to teach your children the benefits of recycling. Start connecting now Click Here Start Now

How it Works

OUR GOAL IS TO HELP YOU FIND FREE GENTLY USED CHILD CLOTHING ONLINE AT OUR SITE. Find things you are looking for. Help promote businesses and connect with friends.

Kids outgrow clothes so fast

Kids Outgrow Fashions So Fast - 'Almost Like New' - Why not trade clothes for some that will fit or give them away here

donate used child clothing at swap handmedowns

Are you on a tight budget - Do you believe recycling used child apparel, adult fashions, or recreation toys is good for our world?

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get clothes for your children right here

Would you be interested in trading in your gently used child clothing or fashions for the next size up?

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helping you connect

Create a profile and connect with friends

Swap Hand Me Downs offers a group community to help you connect.

Post a job, trade or business at our classified

Donate clothes here

Do You have toddlers - Do you have teenagers - Do you have a pile of child apparel falling out of your kids closets? Donate them here!

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communities for inner city

Teaching children about peaceful communities - you are welcome to help us with tips and more. Share your knowledge. Write a post - Create a profile

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donate used child clothing

Cleaning' Kid's Rooms and Finding Gently Used Fashions - what do you do with the used child clothing that don't fit? Post them here!

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bringing communities together

We offers a a social group to help you connect. Locate your child's sizes here and get free gently used fashions delivered to you door.

About Us

We believe in helping children to become all they can be~

Founder of Swaphandmedowns.com Jane has been involved in many community projects that encourage all children to become all they can be. Including workings of inner city projects. Take time to review just a few of our videos. If you believe like we believe VIEW MORE HELPING COMMUNITIES CONNECT

Lots to do here

Our site offers multi pages of parent articles and more. ​We just felt this was a good program to help families reach out and help each other. Some families are on tight budgets, some families need a change, some families have extra items they don't need, some families need more closet space and some families just don't have enough to go around. JUST A ONE TIME CONNECTION AND YOU COULD FIND YOURSELVES SWAPPING FASHION TOGETHER FOR YEARS & YEARS.

For whatever reason you have to join the our unique first of its kind clothing recycling program - we're sure the kids will enjoy it just as much as you will. Best Wishes: Founder Jane I believe all school buses should have seat belts installed. Don't you think so too? Don't forget to visit all our pages Click Here

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Sharing Process

It is so easy to share with others & recycle clothing


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Help us promote brighter futures for our children

Meet The WORLD

Swap Handmedowns goal is to help the world know about each other's cultures. Great for the kids!

Founder swap handmedowns Jane

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teaching children about farm life

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Early Childhood Education Is Important
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We go way back

We Do Not Always Come Through – 'Whenever' We Get The Chance

The poor, the persecuted, the meek, the helpless, and the hungry need special attention.  Unfortunately, we do not always come through for those in need. Read More Click Here.

A compassionate person may support and defend victimized and lonely people.

The first will be last, and the last will be first by bringing about a tender heart toward those who suffer in pain and poverty.  We do not always come through because sometime we forget that people are only human and we must oversee our own needs at times to 'take the time' to help someone in need 'whenever' we get the chance.

I am glad I got the chance by designing the concept of this site years ago!

Our Motto for today: Clothes are not that important but happier children are.

Decent clothing can help make a child happier. Learn more about our cost saving service to help you swap around gently used fashions online, recycle & donate your fashions today. Join our social group

Thank You for being a part of www.swaphandmedowns.com today!


Sharing used child clothing is not only fun for the kids but can save you lots.
Get together and have fun. Set up tables and have each neighbor bring a bag to swap a bag. Set up games for the kids. Learn each other's cultures and share family history stories. Build community organic gardens and share your family history by planting seeds from your family country of origin. Swap and barter around organic garden foods. The children will enjoy planting along with you.
Plan a community library day right in your home. Change homes for the next library day.

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