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About teaching girls science

The world is fast paced with technology

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Parent resources teaching girls more about science
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Working with Teachers and teaching girls about science

Working with Teachers and Schools to Build Character
Helping Your Child Become a Responsible Citizen

Research indicates that children take values seriously only when they see that the adults they respect agree, at least in general, with those values. Although parents must be the ones to determine which values they want their children to develop, they need the help of the community, particularly the schools, in reinforcing those values.

Helping girls discover science, engineering, and technology

From highschool to college girls take less technology classes that can involve math and science. Are girls growing up to be included in tomorrow's world? Are they trying today - to catch up with the HIGH TECHNOLOGY WORLD?

Research suggests that there has been an increased demand for work-related adult education, resulting from changes in the labor market, technology, and management practices. Among participants, women were more likely than men to report taking formal work-related courses tolearn completely new skills or knowledge (80 percent vs. 73 percent, respectively). 

Helping girls discover science, engineering, and technology from birth until they have conquered it.

Government data show that girls fall behind boys in math and science as they progress through school. 

In the fourth grade both boys and girls like math and science.

Girls fall behind boys in math and science after fourth grade, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Why?  Today, only one-fifth of engineering majors are women. The numbers show it. We need to work harder to encourage girls to enjoy science & math just like the boys. 

Girls need to grow up and be able to balance their checkbooks and earn more. This is serious. Engineers make 50 times more than a waitress does. 

Helping girls discover science, engineering, and technology from birth until they have conquered it.

Tips on helping girls grow up to love science and math: You can participate by supporting a hands-on science experience in your home, field trip school, shopping and community. Take her on science field trips every year. Enjoy learning together. Make it fun. Study a rock. Talk about it. 

Go to a stream show her the life in the water. Discuss the importance of nature. Have her touch a worm. No big deal. It is harmless. 

Think ahead. Get involved with projects that can help her in high school to overcome the fear of touching something that might make her squeamish. 

After all girls will be girls.

Interactive activities with math can be fun for both girls and boys.  From grade six to highschool make sure she is taking technology classes that involve math such Drafting & Mechanical Drawing. 

Helping her with math: Start early with math. If she is having problems with adding and subtracting get her a tutor right away. Look out for the fractions and measurements. Girls have more problems understanding the concepts of measurements than boys do. Math is important. 

Try theses Who Will Win games: Challenge her to out beat your best math estimate. Going shopping can be a fun way to learn how to estimate.

Who Will Win - guessing the closest price of the items in the shopping cart at check out time. Have your daughter do the adding for the grocery shopping cart items starting at about age six or sooner. Show her how to estimate. Tell her to round it out to the closest dollar. 

Try Measure The Rug Area with a yardstick: First, discuss with her what is written on the yardstick. Inches, feet and so on. Next, ask her to measure the living room space area because you might be buying new rug and need to know how much to buy. 

Keep in mind that studies show after grade four girls start to lose interest in math and science. Start today and look for a worm. Read all you can together with your children to learn more about worms facts. Worms are cute. 

Copywritten 2006 by Jane. Sadowy All Rights Reserved. No part of this article may be used on any website without consent.

Research suggests that there has been an increased demand for work-related adult education, resulting from changes in the labor market, technology, and management practices. These changes have placed new demands on workers, who increasingly are expected to assume multiple responsibilities, handle changing procedures, and use a broad base of knowledge on the job (U.S. Department of Commerce et al. 1999). During the 1990s there was an upward trend in participation rates in adult education programs overall, and among most subgroups identified by age, sex, race/ethnicity, educational attainment, and income (Creighton and Hudson 2002). While previous research has examined trends in participation rates, additional information about reasons for participation is needed to understand why adults take formal work-related courses. Such courses may help adults to respond to labor market demands, fulfill their own desires to learn and improve their skills, or satisfy employers' requirements (for example, for certification or skill development).

If only science had invented Solar before Nukes and gasoline

What was wrong with the horse and buggy days? 

Nothing really. The sky was still clear and you could see the stars as if you could touch them. The air was so fresh. 

Any skilled person could handle a trained horse to pull the buggy. You had to feed to horse some oats for energy. Bells were attached to halters of horses so you could hear them coming and didn't get run over by the buggy.

The time it took to get there was a little late. No one had stress attacks in those days did they? 

But only if they knew about solar when they changed the buggy to cars and candles to mercury and nuke for electric.

Ok the sun still shines everyday now. We are in the 21 century and science has know that solar works so why is the pubic not asking for it!

Continue on with the subject above.

School Is Cool

This classroom helper is designed to be fun and useful for all ages. Even parents like to take tests. We picked out some partners that provide free resources for Downloads, help with filling out your resume, job boards and job tips, school room teacher printouts, some tips for writing a good essay (ouch), a NASA space link for your science studies. 

Study after study, time after time, research has shown that good readers usually had parents/care-givers read to them on a regular basis. Reading to a child is a primary building block for language, learning and brain development. Early efforts in literacy yield long-range results. Visit Child Crafts below and see what they have to offer your children. An online store offering more for learning. 

 A scholarship is an award of access to such an institution, or a financial aid award for an individual student scholar, for the purpose of furthering their education. Scholarships are awarded based on a range of criteria which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award.

Types of scholarships

Merit-based - financial aid for which financial need is not used to determine the recipient.

Athletic - In the USA the athletic scholarship is a form of scholarship to attend a college or university awarded to an individual based mainly on their ability to play in a sport. See www2.ncaa.org

Need-based - financial aid for which the student and family’s financial situation is a primary factor in determining the recipient.

Ethnicity-based - financial aid where applicants must initially qualify by race, religion, or national origin.

Institutional-based - scholarships awarded by a specific college or university (institution) to a student planning to attend that institution.

General - Other scholarships which are awarded for a variety of reasons which do not fall into one of the above categories. Here you might want to ask your company if they offer scholarships to their employees' children.

Scholarships that are famous:

America's Junior Miss 
Canada Merit Scholarship Foundation 
Gov. grants and benefits
Canadian Millennium Scholarship 
Chevening Scholarship 
Commonwealth Scholarship 
Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange
Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund 
Fulbright Program 
Gates Scholarship - Gates Millennlum Scholarships
George J. Mitchell Scholarship
Goldman Sachs Global Leaders 
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation 
Kin Canada Bursaries 
Marshall Scholarship 
Miss America 
National Merit Scholarship 

Where can I start to research to find my opportunity to apply for grants and scholarships?

High School Guidance Counselors - They can be a great resource for local scholarships.

Research more about the PSAT/NMSQT In the United States. Students are offered the opportunity to take the PSAT/NMSQT test, usually in their Junior year in high school.

Colleges & universities have information available on scholarships and grants, possibly even internship opportunities.

Contact your local Chamber of Commerce Many chambers of commerce offer (usually small) grants to students in the community. Churches, Labor Unions & Community Foundations may offer scholarships for their members.If only science had invented Solar before Nukes and gasoline

Work with other parents and parent groups to help your child's school establish and maintain high standards for behavior both in school and at after-school events, such as ball games or concerts. Help to set up a list of volunteers for supervising school activities or chaperoning field trips to museums, libraries and other activities. In addition, you might meet with other parents to agree on standards of behavior for activities outside of school, such as parties.

Working with Teachers and Schools to Build Character

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